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The world’s best-selling acoustic electric guitar, the APX500 series embodies the pure spirit of Yamaha guitars – the perfect balance of performance, value and dependability. The Mark III models feature pickup systems with a more powerful, dynamic tone and cosmetics that combine on-stage attitude with refined, timeless good looks.

The APX7000II-12 is a 12-string guitar featuring the exclusive Yamaha ART pickup system.



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Hot News! 7/06/2017

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Music Center Tech Tip  ** Email Newsletter - May 5, 2017 **


Bring Back The Buffer.  Like many guitarists, I got caught up in the "True Bypass" pedal craze in the early 2000s. I would not touch a pedal that wasn't true bypass. In principal True Bypass pedals are great. When off, the circuit is completely removed from the signal chain, and not "coloring" your sound. But too many True Bypass pedals can color your sound in another way. If your signal runs through a 15' cable into your pedal board, through your pedal chain, then back to the amp via another 15' cable, you're running through a lot of copper. Long cable run loads down your signal, at the expense of high frequencies. I was shocked at what a difference adding a good buffer at the beginning and end of my pedal change did for my tone. My brightness was back! I had been EQing my amp to account for the loss of highs without knowing it. Suddenly with the buffer, it sounded as good as it does when plugged directly into the amp! Not all buffers are created equal. Examples of pedals with good buffers are the Boss TU3 tuner and the Ibanez Tube Screamer. There are several companies now offering stand-alone buffers as well. Do yourself and your tone a favor, and use a buffer.  - Eric. R   5/4/2017



May 1 - July 31, 2017


Save $100 - Fender Fortis™ Powered Speaker Promotion
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