MESA/ Boogie


Founded in 1969 in the mountains of Marin Co., California by designer and tube amp guru Randall Smith, Mesa/Boogie Ltd. hand-builds high performance amplifiers for guitar and bass. Mesa® is still privately owned and has been located in the same shop in Petaluma, CA. since 1980 – better known as “The Home of Tone”.

Randy changed the sound of the electric guitar forever in early 1970 when he created the high gain cascading preamp… making it possible for the first time to separate overdrive from volume. Before this breakthrough, guitarists had to turn an amp “all the way up” to get a heavy distorted sound that would sustain and hold notes. A rock n’ roll power tool was born - and when Carlos Santana unleashed this blistering sound on his highly acclaimed album “Abraxis”, guitarists, musicians and listeners the world over were treated to a new solo voice – a new guitar sound.

The success of that record and that sound catapulted Mesa Engineering and the funky mountain shack to international fame overnight and the months following that release saw a flood of orders for the little Boogie amp…the giant killer. Before long, all the top touring bands of the 70’s were creating iconic hits that relied heavily upon the Boogie’s trademark voice. The Eagles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Grateful Dead, The Jefferson Airplane as well as early fusion and L.A. session guitarists like Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Dean Parks and players like Eric Johnson and Al Di Meola, were all blowing minds with their Boogies.